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Hello, my dearest readers.

When I first started writing erotica, I thought I should use a pen name for my hotter and naughtier short stories and I came up with S. N. Kunt.
As fate would have it, what was supposed to be a short-lived pen name turned out to be a best-seller one, instead.
But to be very honest, I never liked this pen name very much so I’ve decided to start publishing my new titles as Liz Gavin and republish the old ones as well under my real name to set things straight.
So, for those who already knew my work as S. N. Kunt, here’s the new me – Liz Gavin!
Since the mind behind the keyboard is the same I guess you’ll keep enjoying my stories.


Liz Gavin
(A.K.A. S.N. Kunt)

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and it's going to  be FREE on Saturday, October 19th only.


Would you like to be a beta reader for Elessar Books?
Write to us at - subject line: 'Beta Readers' and let us know you're interested.

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     Rowen has sacrificed much in the name of the Great Goddess: family, dreams and her eternal love. Now, the Lady of the Lake asks for yet another sacrifice. Only, this time, it may prove to be too much for her scarred heart.
Can Rowen betray gentle, loving Caddaric, the soul mate who has been her haven for many lifetimes past? Can she trust Eochaid, a rude warrior who symbolizes everything she despises and hates? Will she fulfill her duties as High Priestess or will she abandoned her faith in the name of love?

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To celebrate it we will release a new book from a new author.

Here's a sneak peek for you:

by C.C. MacArthur


"It is the morning after Samhain and I lay in my bed, watching the beams in the ceiling of my room. The warmth of Caddaric’s body still lingers in the covers and I snuggle down under the bedclothes and inhale deeply to fill my lungs with his sweet scent. I try to gather as many memories of his presence as possible. They’ll have to last for a whole year and I know they never do.
The razor-sharp pain in my chest is too strong for me to bear and I let the tears run down my face. I fought them for the last 24 hours knowing they would win in the end. I can still hear Caddaric’s soft whispers telling me this is the way things were meant to be; that we should honor the Goddess willingly and freely; that it is our duty and that our reward will be eternal bliss. I can’t control my sobbing now. Knowing something is true does not make it any easier to bear.
Every year I go through this same exact routine. On the day after Samhain, I manage to get up only in the afternoon. The villagers are simple folk and believe I need time to recuperate from all the exhausting activities of the previous day, like they do. Nobody knows the truth and they never shall.
This thought brings me back to the present and to my duties. As High Priestess, I need to lead my people in all their spiritual needs and many of their material ones. I struggle a bit more with my conscience before getting up and going about my day.
No sooner do I step out of my cottage than I’m surrounded by my neighbors. They are excited, talking at the same time, demanding my attention and blessings.
“Good day, my lady. It is a beautiful one.”
“Praised be the Goddess, madam. Samhain was a beautiful celebration yesterday.”
“We’re expecting a peaceful winter, this year.”
“Our harvest was the best one in ages. The Goddess must be very happy with us, blessing us with such bounty.”

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This book is a stand-alone edition.

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Liz Gavin’s second book of her exciting trilogy has just gone live 


Maureen’s Lesson - The Dark Side Series– Book 2

Maureen’s story continues in the second installment of this captivating new series.
She has been naughty before but nothing compares to what she’s done this time. Jean-Pierre might just have ruined everything for her. Will Chad be able to forgive her actions? Is the humiliation of being handed over to a Domme too much to pay? Or is the possibility of losing Chad forever just too much for her to bear?

*** This 5000-word-erotic short-story is for adults only! It contains graphic language plus steamy sex scenes involving threesomes, foursomes, fingering, ass play, oral skills, BDSM, Domination, submission, and spanking. Reading it can make your knees weak and your toes curl.***

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Liz Gavin’s first book has just gone live on Amazon. It’s also available from Smashwords and Barnes & NobleCHECK IT OUT.

Maureen’s Tale -  The Dark Side Series– Book 1

What can happen when a powerful Hollywood star, a gorgeous Dom and a ghost meet at an exclusive sex club in New Orleans? How much pleasure can a person endure? Is there something like ‘too much pleasure’?
Join Maureen, Chad and Jean-Pierre at Club Desire for a journey of discoveries. Find out about Maureen’s hard limits as wells as your own in this first installment of The Dark Side Series, a trilogy.

*** This 6000-word-erotic short-story is for adults only! It contains graphic language plus steamy sex scenes involving threesomes, fingering, oral skills, Domination, submission, and mild spanking. Reading it can make your knees weak and your toes curl.***

SMASHWORDS –ISBN 9781301153404

BARNES&NOBLE - BN ID: 2940148542988


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Check out the cover for our newest book. Release is scheduled for the end of the week. 

Also, read the first page.


February 2008


She’s coming!
I can sense her miles away. My whole being tingles in anticipation. My **** just thinking about what she might have planned this time. It’s been quite a long while since I last saw her. I’ve missed her terribly. I know she’s famous and all. I shouldn’t expect her to come by very often, but it hurts me not being able to see her for such long stretches of time.
I have an endless amount of time on my hands. I guess that makes it even harder for me when Maureen’s not around. Don’t misunderstand me, though. This is a very busy club; many things happen here, all the time. But this place is not the same without her and I can’t go after her because I am a ghost in this old French Quarter house.
Over a century ago, I’m not even sure how long, I was cursed by a mad witch who claimed to love me. However, when I didn’t accept her insistent offers to marry me, or her clumsy attempts to take me to bed, she decided nobody else would have me, either. She put a spell on me and on this house: I wasn’t able to get out and nobody could get in.
I eventually died when I ran out of food and water, although the witch lived many years, after that. Enough time for my body to turn to dust in the dampness and heat of New Orleans. When she finally died and the spell was lifted I was never found nor properly buried. Now I’m bound to this house for all eternity and the rare moments of sunshine I get are the ones when Maureen comes to visit.
I love to see her indulging in the hunt, I relish watching her losing herself in the fantasy that is this place, and I take great pleasure knowing that her sensations here are heightened by my own presence, even though she has no idea that is so.
I’m sure that’s why she keeps coming back for more and I’m always so very happy to oblige. I wonder what she has in mind for tonight!'
Maureen's Tale - Book 1 in the Dark Side Series by Liz Gavin.

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What happens when a ghost, a kinky Hollywood star and a gorgeous Dom meet at a sex club in New Orleans?
Anything can happen and a lot does happen in this steamy new short erotica.
You don't want to miss it.

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It's the weekend, and a long one at that!!!
So, we hope everybody is having fun while we keep working hard on some pretty nice stuff for our dear readers.
We'll tell you all as soon as it's ready.
Let me just say it takes place in New Orleans!!!
Check out the slideshow on the left for some beautiful snapshots of this great city.

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by C.C. Mac Arthur

"We are the Watchers. We have been Watchers since before the dawn of time. We watch mankind. We were the chosen ones. We were Angels. Then God gave us Free Will. We used it to rebel against Him and became Fallen Angels.
My name is Greg – short for Gregory or Grigori, as the Greeks called us. The Ancient Greeks thought we were angels while other people called us Demons. I guess it all boils down to who is actually telling the story, right?
Today, I’m telling the story so let’s just say I’m an angel. And I have some pretty cool friends, too. Some of my closest buddies are Kesabel, the Second Angel; Gadrel, the Third Angel, and Kasyade, the Fifth Angel.  You will get to know all of them better in due time, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
So, where was I?... Oh, yeah! I was introducing myself…
My name is Greg, I’m a Watcher and I have been around for longer than anybody can remember. Even longer than I can remember. And, you know, after some millennia, time becomes irrelevant. It’s just a convention that Humans seem to be so attached to. People like to count time and discuss it, create schools of thought about it. They fight over it. They live and die and kill for it. They write prose, poetry and music about it. They talk about the past, the present and the future but these concepts mean very little to immortal beings like me. So why am I so desperate because I’m running out of time?"
From the new book 'Out of time' by C.C. Mac Arthur