Saturday, June 28, 2014

Upside Down is being featured on Saturday June 28th 2014 at eBookSoda, a new readers' site where they'll send you ebook recommendations tailored to your taste.
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Monday, June 2, 2014


Here's my review

My rate of 4 stars is due to the fact that I found the writing style and the book structure a bit odd. I got distracted by issues like punctuation and chapter division. The author uses too many ellipses, for my taste, and the chapters are extremely short. For instance, my Kindle app is set for the maximum number of words in a two-column page. In it, chapter 8 has 12 lines while the longest one - Chapter 19 - has 7 pages. Most chapters have 3 pages. Another example of it is Chapter 90. It ends in the middle of a dialogue, which continues in the beginning of Chapter 91 for two short paragraphs. Then, there are three stars signaling a scene change. Why? The next book in this series –Superior Intrigue – could benefit from a more thorough editing.
Having said that, I must confess these issues might have annoyed the writer in me. I’m sure most readers will not notice and will not be distracted by them. And these readers shouldn’t let these little things bother them because the story is worth their time.
The rhythm flows as fast as the car chase scenes. Being a fan of car races myself, I was enthralled by the detailed descriptions of the action. They put me right in the middle of the chase. The mysteries and the investigation process kept me glued to my laptop screen.
The author was very skillful when presenting characters from the two previous books of this series. I hadn’t read those books but that made no difference in my understanding and enjoyment of Superior Peril.
Although we get answers to many questions raised along the book, there is a cliffhanger. That didn’t bother me because I love a good series and this is definitely an excellent detective series. I recommend it to all book lovers in search for a good story.

Sunday, June 1, 2014



*** This is NOT a complete book. It’s a teaser from an upcoming novel. *** 
Angela Hewson is a gorgeous, wealthy young woman of Irish-Italian descent. Her mother comes from an old, traditional Italian family. Her father is an idealist who wants to save the world. She rebelled against her politically correct parents because they didn’t understand her hunger for adventure and pleasure. She searched everywhere until she found her match in Greg. 
Greg is older than time itself because he’s immortal. He has seen things people wouldn’t believe. He has done things people wouldn’t want to know. He’s sinfully attractive. He’s a tall, mysterious fallen angel. As such, he looks for the very best in life. He knows how to have a good time. He excels in the pleasures of the flesh. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants. And he wants Angela. 
This is a teaser (contains 7,500 words = 22 pages) from Liz Gavin’s next novel - a tale of darkness, desire and deceit. Can a human resist a devious angel? Would a pleasure-seeking woman say 'no' to temptation?