Thursday, October 3, 2013


To celebrate it we will release a new book from a new author.

Here's a sneak peek for you:

by C.C. MacArthur


"It is the morning after Samhain and I lay in my bed, watching the beams in the ceiling of my room. The warmth of Caddaric’s body still lingers in the covers and I snuggle down under the bedclothes and inhale deeply to fill my lungs with his sweet scent. I try to gather as many memories of his presence as possible. They’ll have to last for a whole year and I know they never do.
The razor-sharp pain in my chest is too strong for me to bear and I let the tears run down my face. I fought them for the last 24 hours knowing they would win in the end. I can still hear Caddaric’s soft whispers telling me this is the way things were meant to be; that we should honor the Goddess willingly and freely; that it is our duty and that our reward will be eternal bliss. I can’t control my sobbing now. Knowing something is true does not make it any easier to bear.
Every year I go through this same exact routine. On the day after Samhain, I manage to get up only in the afternoon. The villagers are simple folk and believe I need time to recuperate from all the exhausting activities of the previous day, like they do. Nobody knows the truth and they never shall.
This thought brings me back to the present and to my duties. As High Priestess, I need to lead my people in all their spiritual needs and many of their material ones. I struggle a bit more with my conscience before getting up and going about my day.
No sooner do I step out of my cottage than I’m surrounded by my neighbors. They are excited, talking at the same time, demanding my attention and blessings.
“Good day, my lady. It is a beautiful one.”
“Praised be the Goddess, madam. Samhain was a beautiful celebration yesterday.”
“We’re expecting a peaceful winter, this year.”
“Our harvest was the best one in ages. The Goddess must be very happy with us, blessing us with such bounty.”

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