Saturday, September 27, 2014



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Friday, September 19, 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014


I like to keep an open mind and read different types of books but I have my favorites. They are not romantic comedies but I don’t rate my reviews according to personal preferences. I evaluate the book’s quality in spite of my personal preferences. I think that is the least I can do.

Having said that, I must confess I enjoyed ‘Her Best Match’ much more than I thought I would. Tami’s a talented writer who takes you to a pleasant ride in her fairy-tale kind of story. If you enjoyed Cinderella as a child, and keep searching for Prince Charming in your ‘book boyfriends’, you’ll love this book.

Finally, I’d like to explain my 4-star rating. Although I enjoyed the book very much, and I understand it’s supposed to be an unrealistic story, I found some elements of it a bit exaggerated.

Thursday, September 4, 2014



In March 2014, when I started writing ‘Luck of the Irish’, I meant it to be a short-story, which I wanted to publish on St. Patrick’s Day. As so often happens with characters and authors, Declan and Keira took control of the story and I couldn’t stop them. Or wouldn’t, I don’t know. The fact is that I fell in love with their story as they unfold it to me. I wanted to know them better and write about them 24/7. Unfortunately, not being able to afford that - got bills to pay and a day job which pays them – I had to squeeze as much time as possible into my other tasks to be able to write Declan and Keira’s story. And it’s been a fun ride! I’ve had my share of bumps, stumbles and falls, I’ve met great people along the way – namely, ALL of my alpha readers - and I had the time of my life delving into these characters’ minds.
Now, six months after that modest beginning, I have to finish writing ‘Luck of the Irish’. Even though I know I’ll miss having those characters around me, telling me their thoughts and feelings (mostly, I’ll miss Declan, of course – my Alpha readers know what I mean LOL), it’s time to say goodbye and move on to new characters and new stories.
But, I can’t do that before thanking in public this AMAZING group of people who helped me get here. They’ve tirelessly encouraged me, corrected me, nudged me and pointed me in the right direction. I could not have written ‘Luck of the Irish’ without them.
So, to my dearest ALPHA READERS – Allison, Alyssa, Erin, Genna, Kimber, Leigh-Ann, Loralea, Maike, Maureen, Niki, Sam, and Tonya – I say THANK YOU for your hard work, for taking time out of your busy lives to read, comment and send me feedback. Through your eyes, I was able to see interesting and different aspects of Keira, Declan, and all the other characters, which enriched the story and took it to whole new levels. I’m very proud of what we have accomplished as a team. I’ll soon send you the last chapter, but I still haven’t found the answer to that question I put to you on my last email – ‘Would you say it’s normal for an author to get sad when she/he is almost done writing a novel?’ LOL