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February 2008


She’s coming!
I can sense her miles away. My whole being tingles in anticipation. My **** just thinking about what she might have planned this time. It’s been quite a long while since I last saw her. I’ve missed her terribly. I know she’s famous and all. I shouldn’t expect her to come by very often, but it hurts me not being able to see her for such long stretches of time.
I have an endless amount of time on my hands. I guess that makes it even harder for me when Maureen’s not around. Don’t misunderstand me, though. This is a very busy club; many things happen here, all the time. But this place is not the same without her and I can’t go after her because I am a ghost in this old French Quarter house.
Over a century ago, I’m not even sure how long, I was cursed by a mad witch who claimed to love me. However, when I didn’t accept her insistent offers to marry me, or her clumsy attempts to take me to bed, she decided nobody else would have me, either. She put a spell on me and on this house: I wasn’t able to get out and nobody could get in.
I eventually died when I ran out of food and water, although the witch lived many years, after that. Enough time for my body to turn to dust in the dampness and heat of New Orleans. When she finally died and the spell was lifted I was never found nor properly buried. Now I’m bound to this house for all eternity and the rare moments of sunshine I get are the ones when Maureen comes to visit.
I love to see her indulging in the hunt, I relish watching her losing herself in the fantasy that is this place, and I take great pleasure knowing that her sensations here are heightened by my own presence, even though she has no idea that is so.
I’m sure that’s why she keeps coming back for more and I’m always so very happy to oblige. I wonder what she has in mind for tonight!'
Maureen's Tale - Book 1 in the Dark Side Series by Liz Gavin.

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