Thursday, May 22, 2014

Alpha Readers Wanted

I'm looking for Alpha Readers for Luck of the Irish. Don't know what an alpha reader does? No problem. I'll give you the big picture. An alpha reader's job is to help the author during the writing process, describing their reactions to the text. No specifics, just their own thoughts and feelings as they read a chapter.
Sounds interesting? There's more.
The most puncual and helpful alpha readers will get a paperback copy of Luck of the Irish. How does that sound? Still interested?
GREAT! Drop me a line at - subject line 'Alpha Reader' - saying you're up to that and I'll send you the detailed guidelines.
Bear in mind, though, alpha readers get a draft version of the text, in PDF, as I progress. It will contain typos, grammar mistakes, etc. I don't need you to concentrate on that. I need your feelings and reactions to the story and the characters. :-) Proofreading is for the beta readers.
(wink, wink)

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